Recognition of Foreign Degrees and Diplomas


As of the 1st of January 2019, the recognition of academic degrees and higher education diplomas, awarded by foreign higher education institutions, is regulated by Decree-Law No. 66/2018, of the 16th of August, and by Ordinance No. 33/2019, of the 25th of January, as amended by Ordinance No. 43/2020, of the 14th of February.


This Decree-Law repeals the previous two, Decree-Law no. 283/83, of the 21st of June, and Decree-Law no. 341/2007, of the 12th of October, as well as the respective Ordinances (Ordinance No. 1071/83, Ordinance No. 29/2008 and Ordinance No. 227/2017).


Submitting a recognition request is done via an online form, made available by the General Directorate of Higher Education (, on which the applicant identifies the Higher Education Institution (HEI) at which they want to see their degree or diploma recognised and submit the necessary documents for this purpose (these documents are automatically loaded on a Platform that, in turn, gives rise to a process in which they will be analysed by the identified HEI).




Anyone wishing to practice the Nursing profession in Portugal must submit a request for Specific Recognition to the Nursing School of Lisbon (ESEL), or to another Public Higher Education Institution (HEI) that provides this area of teaching, as it is a regulated profession (


For the purpose of granting Specific Recognition at ESEL, only higher education degrees or diplomas whose level, duration and programme content are identical to the degrees or diplomas conferred by ESEL will be considered, diplomas from other training, professional or specialised training courses and professional experience will not be considered in the analysis.


There are 3 types of recognition of foreign degrees and diplomas in Portugal:

  • Automatic
  • Level
  • Specific


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Master’s degree recognition jury see here»


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