Coordination of the Centre and Organisational Bodies

CIDNUR’s management is guaranteed by the following bodies:

Coordinator - appointed by the President of the ESEL between the ESEL Coordinating Professors with a doctorate in nursing, with full-time dedication to and recognised merit in research.

Scientific Council - chaired by the CIDNUR Coordinator, consisting of all CIDNUR members, with a doctoral degree or integrated in a research career pathway, teaching staff at universities or teaching staff at a polytechnic higher education insitute.

Coordinating Committee of the Scientific Council (Coordinating Committee) - constituted by the CIDNUR Coordinator and the Research Groups Coordinators.

External Monitoring Committee - made up of five PhD researchers external to ESEL with recognised international merit, namely in research areas of interest to the CIDNUR Research Groups.

The competences of the representatives of each of the CIDNUR management bodies and the articulation between them are provided for in the Centre’s Regulation.

Management of the Centre is ensured by the Coordinator, in articulation with the Coordinating Committee of the Scientific Council, of which they are a member, in order to guarantee the necessary fluidity for the processes underlying the research activities in a national and international context.

The participation of researchers in the strategic management of the Centre is guaranteed by the Scientific Council and at the Research Groups’ periodic meetings.

Social responsibility is a commitment of ESEL and CIDNUR and is promoted through the constant development of articulation mechanisms with institutional partners and communities, for collaborative and transdisciplinary research. Cooperative working is intended, from the identification of problems to the dissemination of research results and their appropriation and integration in society.

The External Monitoring Committee, an assessment and advisory body, seeks to ensure the strategic focus of CIDNUR's development in the pursuit of its Mission, in order to achieve its Vision.