Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an exclusive period to apply for the Residence, or can I do it during the academic year?

Two application periods are fixed annually. The first is for ESEL students who wish to renew their application for the Residence and the second is for students entering Higher Education for the first time and follows the publication of the access to higher education exam results.

Applications can be submitted during the academic year, but will only be considered if accommodation is available.


2. I want to apply for the ESEL Residence, what do I need to do?

You should send an email to expressing your intention of accommodation. The services will provide a link to fill out the application.

During the fixed application periods, you can submit your application online, on the ESEL portal


3. Is the Residence open all year round?

No, the Residence is closed during the Christmas break and during the month of August, the dates are fixed annually.


4. What services are available at the Residence?

The residents have a kitchenette, a study room, a living room, sanitary facilities, a washing and ironing area, wi-fi Internet access, a laundry room, public areas cleaning service, a bar, a cafeteria and a 24-hour reception desk at their disposal.


5. What types of room are available at the ESEL Residence?

The ESEL Residence has single and double rooms.


6. I am going to apply for my first year of higher education, when can I apply for the Residency?

Your application can only be submitted after the results of the access to higher education exams have been published.


7. How are applications selected?

The application ranking process follows a set of criteria, with priority accommodation being given to scholarship holders and ESEL students. Once the availability of accommodation has been confirmed, external students will be admitted.

The income and location of the household's address, school performance, re-admission and the inexistence of debts with the Residence/ESEL are considered.


8. Is the security deposit paid on the admission date refundable?

There are several types of security deposits, depending on the type of resident:

  • ESEL Students, Mobility Programmes and External Students - Payment of a refundable security deposit, which is intended to cover any expenses resulting from damages to equipment and/or facilities available to the resident;
  •  ESEL scholarship holders - Payment of a refundable security deposit, which is intended to guarantee any expenses resulting from damages to the equipment and/or facilities available to the resident;
  • Accommodation lasting more than 7 (seven) and less than 30 (thirty) days - Payment of a refundable security deposit, corresponding to 50% of the value of the deposit applicable to scholarship holders, which is intended to cover any expenses resulting from damages on the equipment, and/or on the facilities available to the resident;
  • Accommodation for up to 7 (seven) days- Payment of a deposit does not apply.


9. I am an ESEL scholarship holder, is the deadline for payment of the Residence monthly rent fee on the 10th of each month?

ESEL scholarship holders must pay the monthly rent fee within 5 days after receiving their monthly scholarship payment.


10. I'm a resident and I want to leave the Residence because I'm going to attend a mobility programme for a few months, when I return can I stay at the Residence?

The continuation of accommodation at the Residence depends on the availability of beds on your date of return.


11. I am a student at another Higher Education Institution and I will attend a curricular internship in Lisbon, can I stay at the ESEL Residence?

Yes, subject to availability of accommodation for the desired date. You should send an email to residê requesting accommodation availability.


12. I'm a scholarship holder from another higher education institution, can I benefit from the scholarship holder's accommodation price?

No, the scholarship holders' price list is exclusively for ESEL students who benefit from this condition.


13. The application form asks for my IBAN/SWIFT, where can I find this information?

You can find information about your IBAN/SWIFT details from the bank where you have your bank account, in branch or online.


14. If I want accommodation for 15 days, will I have to pay the monthly fee?

Yes, whenever the accommodation period is 8 days or more, the monthly fee will be charged. For a period of accommodation less than 8 days, the daily rate is charged.


15. My application to stay at the Residence was accepted, do I need to bring my own towels and bed linen?

The ESEL Residence has a bed linen and towels rental service at a monthly cost of €20. Residents who do not wish to pay this rental will need to bring their own bed linen and towels.


16. Is it possible to prepare meals in the kitchenettes?

The kitchenettes are equipped with electric hob plates and microwaves that enable students to prepare light meals, however, for safety reasons, the use of gas applicances is expressly prohibited.


17. On my arrival date I indicated a departure date, however, I intend to leave before then. What should I do?

Early departures must be requested by application 30 (thirty) days in advance of the intended departure date and no later than the 25th of each month. Applications are subject to higher order.


18. Can I put a TV in my room?

Setting up personal belongings (televisions, furniture, heaters) in the rooms requires superior authorisation and, in the case of a double room, agreement from your room-mate.

It is each residents’ responsibility to look after their personal belongings. The ESEL Residence is not responsible for the loss or theft of a Resident’s personal belongings.


19. Is water and electricity consumption included in the monthly fee?

Yes, the monthly fee includes energy costs.