Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman is an independent body, with no decision-making power, whose main function is to defend and promote the rights and interests of students within the scope of the Nursing School of Lisbon (ESEL).
The student's ombudsman is appointed by the General Council, for a period of four years, from a pool of people who are not in effective exercise of roles at ESEL.



Pursuant to the provisions of article 54 of the ESEL Statutes, it is incumbent upon the student ombudsman to assess students' presentations on academic and social action matters, as well as administrative matters related to them, and to address the recommendations to the competent bodies, with no decision-making power, appropriate for the construction of solutions that improve procedures and are adjusted to each specific situation.
The Student Ombudsman develops their activity in conjunction with the Pedagogical Council, the Student Association and the Social Action Services, under the terms set out in the Student Ombudsman Regulation.

Contacting the Student Ombudsman

Communications to the Ombudsman are made in writing, and must include the student's full identification (name, student number, email and address, telephone and/or mobile phone, and an objective description of the facts).

The communications can be delivered in the following ways:

  • In person, via a previously-scheduled appointment with the Ombudsman;
  • email;
  • postal mail addressed directly to the Student Ombudsman.


Student Service

The service will be delivered by the Student Ombudsman, at the OPSS office (Office of Psychopedagogical Support for Students), or at another location to be agreed by the parties, by prior appointment.