Network Acceptable Use Policy  | AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)

Security policies instituted at ESEL, which define responsibilities, permitted uses and procedures for action by the various types of users.


Campus Register / Password change

The first step to access any service is to register.
This service allows you to manage your Campus account from a single place. You can change your password, which is valid to access all the services (single password).


Institutional Website

Through the portal it is possible to consult information regarding the School, Documentation Centre, Services and other units, as well as find out about all the academic and scientific, cultural and sports events taking place within the campus.

Academic Portal

In the academic portal, students, teachers and employees can access virtual secretary services related to their academic activity (consultation of information, online requisitions, among others).

eLearning Portal

ESEL's eLearning system is a platform that allows students to interact with faculty and peers and access academic content in designated study areas.



Teachers and Staff

This is the institutional email address for Teachers and Staff (address format

From this service you will have access to an e-mail account with a capacity of 50 GB. In this institutional email, you will receive all official communications. It should be consulted frequently.

It will also be possible to download the Office 365 2016 version package for local installation or use it online, accessing all the services provided by Office 365 (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, OneNote).


From this service you will have access to an E-mail account (address format with a capacity of more than 5 GB. This will be your institutional email, through which you will receive communications from the Teachers. It will also be possible to use this account to access all the services provided for free by Google in its infrastructure (Google Drive, Calendar, Personal Page Creation, among others).


VPN access:

The VPN allows you to access ESEL's private network from home or from any other place and thus to use internal services, such as consulting knowledge databases.

Educast service:
Educast is a video management service for registration and distribution of simple contents, which we acquired and use in partnership with FCCN, and can be used to make available classes or other training contents. Besides the advantages it will bring to ESEL's current students, we are sure that the concomitant use of this resource with the Blackboard (eLearning system) portal will allow innovative training offers, which will open the School to new audiences.

Microsoft Office 365:

Microsoft Office 365 is a version of the Microsoft Office suite that runs directly in your browser, yet can be installed on your computer. In this way, the service can dispense with any type of installation, simply by entering the respective address with the ESEL credentials. However, it may be installed with a limit of 5 installations, containing the tools Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and OneNote.