Automatic recognition

Automatic Recognition (can be requested from the Directorate-General for Higher Education or from Public Higher Education Institutions)

It is the act that generically recognises a foreign higher education degree or diploma, the level, objectives and nature of which are identical to the Portuguese degrees of bachelor, master and doctor, or of a professional superior technician diploma, which is included in the list of degrees and diplomas set by the commission for the recognition of foreign degrees and diplomas.

To check if your diploma is included in the list of degrees issued by the commission for the recognition of foreign degrees and diplomas, you can consult the list of deliberations HERE

Awarding automatic recognition culminates in the issuance of a certificate that identifies the grade and the final classification on the Portuguese classification scale (if requested). If the classification request is made after the degree is recognised, it is subject to a new fee.

Holders of foreign academic degrees or diplomas who are not included in the specific deliberations of the DGHE, and who are therefore unable to benefit from automatic recognition, may request level recognition and/or specific recognition (see information on: Level Recognition and/or Specific Recognition).

The information presented here does not dispense with consulting the applicable legal diplomas, as well as the page of the General Directorate of Higher Education to check which type of recognition is actually applicable.