Bachelor Degree in Nursing

Study programme
1st Cycle - Bachelor Degree in Nursing

The Degree in Nursing at Nursing School of Lisbon, provides scientific, technical, human and cultural training of the highest quality, within the scope of the provision, research and management of general nursing care to the person throughout their life cycle of life, to the family, groups and community, taking into account the different levels of prevention.

Duration of the study programme 
8 Semesters

Specific entry requirements.
Application to the CLE follows the current rules for public higher education.
One of the following entrance exams must be taken: Biology and Geology or Biology and Geology + Maths A or Biology and Geology + Physics and Chemistry.
Minimum grades: Application score: 95 points; Entrance exam: 95 points.
Calculation formula: Secondary school average: 60%; Entrance exams: 40%.
For people who have taken non-Portuguese courses that are legally equivalent to PT secondary education, the entrance exams may be replaced by final exams of subjects from those courses, as per article 20-A of Decree-Law no. 296-A/98, of 30 September, as amended by Decree-Law no. 90/2008, of 30 May.
Admission is also dependent on the Group A Prerequisite - Interpersonal Communication (absence of mental handicap, sensory, or motor impairment that seriously interferes with functional and interpersonal communication abilities to the point of preventing learning by your self or others).

Intended maximum enrolment (2022).
General C.: 285 Vacancies;
District M/23: 15 Vacancies;
Change of Partner/Institution: 3 Vacancies;
Holders of other higher certificates: 2 Vacancies;
International Students: 5 Vacancies;
Total: 310.