Nursing Research & Development Unit (ui&de) was created in 2001 by researchers/professors from the four public higher education nursing schools in Lisbon (actually Higher Nursing School of Lisbon- Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa (ESEL) with the mission of developing research in the field of nursing, health and education concerning the major theme “Caring for and Empowering through Life”. ui&de aims to develop quality research and empirical assessments to inform policy and improve nursing practices. The main goal is to produce relevant research evidence to political decision makers and health leaders that contributes to improving the quality and effectiveness of nursing in its social, political, local, national, and international contexts.


  • Produce knowledge in Nursing and Health’s area contributing to the deepening and diffusion of scientific knowledge in the field of health and nursing through primary and secondary research studies;
  • Strengthen the scientific capital addressing new challenges in nursing, contributing for the development of the discipline and the profession;
  • Stimulate scientific exchanges with other national and international research structures, including participation in national and international project and networks;
  • Provide consulting and research services in order to promote the local and national nursing, health and social development;
  • Support young researchers training and advanced master and doctoral training
  • Edit a scientific journal with peer review: “Pensar Enfermagem”